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Create moments for students to pause, reflect, and apply their learning.

Wobo digital worksheets and workbooks are interactive, online tools that instructors and learners use to co-create effective learning environments.

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Product Features

Turnkey Solution

  • Turnkey Solution
  • Visual Builder
  • Accessible
  • Live Updates
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • IP Protection
  • Collaboration
  • Manage Groups
  • 1:1 Commenting
  • Sharing

Launch faster

Use Wobo as a course on its own or embed it into your existing curriculum to inject some interactivity.


Wobo seamlessly embeds into most LMS systems, and everything you build is automatically mobile-friendly.

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Get started quickly

You can get started building your first workbook within moments of signing up. The visual worksheet builder shows you exactly what your students will see as you go.

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Accessible for all

Alternative text inputs for images, screen reader compatibility, and ability for keyboard-only navigation allow you to build your workbook or worksheet with confidence knowing all of your students will be supported.

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Push updates live instantly

Edit workbooks and instantly push updates live... No more asking your learners to download the newest version to fix a typo.

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Let students keep their work

Student responses are saved automatically so they can always pick up where they left off. The download to PDF option collects all workbook modules into one artifact.

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Protect your IP

Add watermarks, disable text copying, and match workbook access to course enrolments to protect your work and discourage sharing.

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Collaborate with your team

Collaboration tools mean you can invite coaches, teachers, and other team members to join you in Wobo. Customize each user’s permissions to limit access.

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Cohort and Evergreen Support

Maintain workbook versions over time and group your students by cohort, or build evergreen workbooks that you can update instantly for all students.

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1:1 Commenting

Connect with students directly right from within their worksheets. Engage in 1:1 conversations, offer immediate feedback, and empower your students to reach their full potential.

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Optimize your reach using Wobo’s distribution features. Invite by email, share links and embeds to reach your intended audience.

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Start with a free online workbook template

Customize your worksheet however you like to suit your brand.

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Business, Cohort Learning, Goal Setting

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Diet, Health, Wellness

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Coaching, Creativity, Entrepreneurship

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Comprehension, Language

Start From Scratch

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who makes Wobo?

    Wobo is brought to you by the product team at Course Studio. We're a funded start-up that is part agency, part product shop, and fully focused on the creator economy. Our team has worked for some of the largest players in online learning including Masterclass, Blue Wire Podcasts, and Thinkific.


    Our team is made up of developers Juan and Nick, designers Rachel, Ashley, and Amanda, and product manager Erin with the fearless leadership of our CEO Tonner. Combined we have 5 dogs and 2 cats, who often join our Zoom meetings.


    To learn more, check out the Course Studio website or read our feature on Daily Hive.

  • Are student workbooks private? Who can view workbook responses?

    Only the student, instructor, and the instructor's invited team members have access to a given workbook. Workbooks can not be seen by other students within the same group.


    All Wobo users must successfully complete authorization via email and password or single sign-on (SSO) in order to access workbook content and responses.

  • Are Wobo accounts secure? What measures are in place to ensure this?

    Security is at the forefront of our focus. The Wobo team has taken the following measures to ensure that your data is secure and private:


    • All accounts created in Wobo are secured by an email and password combination. Users who create and access accounts via single sign-on (SSO) complete login through a secure oAuth 2.0 authorization flow.
    • To increase the security of the storage of personally identifiable information, passwords are not stored in our database and only exist in our identity provider.
    • Our API has access control measures in place that protects routes by only allowing access with particular permissions. This is frequently tested following our thorough quality assurance testing process.
    • Our front-end and API only allow access with a valid access token provided by our identity provider.

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